Paternity Testing in Singapore

What makes the difference in the testing?

All DNA testing is not the same.

The industry standard is 15 dna markers. At times this is not enough testing to accurately decide whether the testing individual is the father or not. This will more commonly happen when the mother is not included in the test, the father has very common DNA, or the child has a mutation from the father's DNA. When these things happen often times a 15 marker test is not good enough. Some companies will even issue a report saying they do not know if the tested man is the father.

This is usually the only test offered by companies who charge lower. If the customer wishes to have more testing done to get a accurate result, they will have to pay the current laboratory to send the samples to another different laboratory, such as us, to do further testing to get an accurate results.

We have the ability to test 29 PCR, 8 Y chromosome, and 12 RFLP DNA markers. Giving us the ability to offer the most powerful test, with the highest guarantee on the market today. We will keep testing your samples, until we have met the terms of our guarantee, at and affordable price, and free of extra charges.

A test with a 99% or a 99 paternity index is stating that one in one hundred men, of that population would carry similar genes to the tested child.

A test with a 99.9% or a 1000 paternity index is stating that one in one thousand men of the population would carry similar genes to the tested child, in other words the accuracy of this test is 10 times of what a 99% test would be.

A test with a 99.99% or a 10,000 paternity index is stating that one in ten thousand men of the population would carry similar genes to the tested child, in other words the accuracy of this test is 100 times of what a 99% test would be.
A small change in the accuracy makes a big difference.

How it is calculated:
Most population groups, including Singapore, has a DNA population database. This database shows how popular a certain DNA is in that population. When you look at a positive paternity report, you will see a number result for all of the loci. The higher the number means the less common that particular DNA is in that population group. The lower it is, the more common that particular DNA would be. All of these loci calculate into a paternity index.

A paternity index of 99 is 99%. It is calculated by 99 divided by 100 is 99%
A paternity index of 1000 is 99.9%. It is calculated by 1000 divided by 1001 is 99.9%
A paternity index of 10,000 is 99.99% . It is calculated by 10,000 divided by 10,001 is 99.99%

So a company with a guarantee of 99.99% is offering 100 times better testing than one of 99%. While it is not impossible, although highly unlikely that a 99.99% test could come to an incorrect conclusion for the question of paternity, a test of 99% would be 100 times more likely to have an incorrect result. At the 99% level, false inclusions will occur, leading someone to believe they are the father of a child when they are not.

Paternity Testing Corporation Singapore is offering high quality guaranteed DNA paternity testing, and DNA immigration testing. We are a ISO, and an AABB accredited laboratory. We offer a 99.99% guarantee or your money back on every DNA paternity test. We believe we are one of the only laboratories to offer this high of a guarantee on DNA paternity testing without restrictions. Most other laboratories will say they have a guarantee, only to void their own guarantee when a problem arises.

Some of these problems could be, the mother not included in the test, to a child has a mutation in their genes from parents to child. The reason we can offer this high of a guarantee is while most laboratories can offer only a 16 loci test. We can offer a 29 loci when necessary. We are one of the few laboratories in the world, that still have the ability to perform a RFLP test. This is a much more powerful test than the quicker, cheaper PCR test. So we start with the standard 16 loci PCR test, if the results do not exceed our minimum 99.99% guarantee we will continue testing. We have the ability to move up to a 30 loci PCR test, if that does not fulfill our guarantee, we move up to either a 8 loci Y chromosome, or a 12 loci RFLP test.

We do all of this free of extra charge. We will keep testing until we have met our minimum guarantee. This is why we can offer one of the most thorough, affordable, and most comprehensive test on the market today anywhere in the world.