Grandparent DNA Testing

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· Application can be made in either order form, email or telephone.

· The payment method is 3 choices of bank transfer, cash on delivery and credit, all fees are paid by the customer. (For judicial purposes, cash on delivery is impossible.)

· Sending items (inspection kit, inspection results, etc.) can be post-delivered. (For judicial purposes, there is no sending kits to the customer.)

- About the testing -

A DNA grandparent test is to prove blood relationship between grandparents and a child. It is usually performed when the father of the child is unavailable or unwilling to take a DNA paternity test.
It is not required although it is always a good idea to include the mother in the test, as having her sample will pinpoint which set of DNA came from the mother, and which came from the father.

The samples required will be the tested child’s father’s mother and father.

- Price -

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There is an extra charge if you do not include the child’s mother’s sample.