Paternity Testing

A DNA paternity test is a test to determine the genetic father of a child. It is normally completed by simple cheek swabs. The test can be completed with or without the mother. It is always a good idea to include the mother in the test because it will return a stronger result.

All of our paternity tests are guaranteed to a paternity index of 99.99%. This is the highest guarantee that you will find from any paternity company. The reason we are able to offer such a high guarantee on our tests is we are able to perform more testing than other laboratories. The battery of testing we have available is 30 loci PCR, 8 loci RFLP, and a 7 loci Y Chromosome. With this powerful battery of testing available to us, we can come to a decisive conclusion, when other laboratories cannot, as many other laboratories can only offer a 15 loci PCR test. In situations when the mother is not available, or unwilling, or your child has a mutated gene, a 15 loci test cannot usually offer an affirmative conclusion to the test.

We will perform extra testing until we reach our guarantee at no extra charge. We believe we offer the best testing available at an affordable price. With paternity testing being such a life altering decision, we always want the customer to feel confident that they have received the correct answer. As a family owned, and oriented business, we would not have it any other way.