Adverse Drug Reactions

Adverse Drug Reactions can have a wide range of complications. They can range from headaches and nausea, to internal bleeding and death. There is also a list of other side effects that any medicine can have.

Medicine used in treatment can also be ineffective for some patients, causing the condition of the patient to worsen. This loses time when a patient can be effectively treated, and cured with the correct treatment. This at times will also cause the patient to continue to suffer. Often ADRs can cause sudden ER trips and can even be fatal. It can also end in an extended hospitalization while the physician is trying to figure out the correct course of treatment. More mild cases of ADR will cause multiple trips to the doctor's office while medication is changed and dosage adjusted to find what is correct for that patient.

Often ADR are caused by the patient’s ability to metabolize the proscribed drug is different from that of an average person. By performing a non-invasive DNA screening GeneTrait Laboratories can identify the patient’s genetic traits to metabolize the prescribed medicine.

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