Paternity Testing Corporation Singapore is accredited by multiple programs. These include AABB, ISO, FQSI, and CLIA. Below is what these accreditations mean.

1. AABB Acreditation
This is the accrediting body that puts forth rules and regulations for relationship testing. This program decides what is written on all forms, and whether it conforms to their rules for a proper Chain of Custody, and Reporting. This regulating body also set standards for testing.

2. ISO 17025
This accrediting body sets forth standards for forensic and relationship testing. This is a world-wide accreditation, allowing us to test in any country that does not have a country wide regulating body. This is a required accreditation to perform legal tests in countries without an accrediting body such as Singapore.

This is an accrediting body for forensic case work. It is the accreditation required for police forensic work

This is a clinical body accreditation.

DDC who performs out non invasive testing, holds all of these same accreditations.