Paternity Testing Pricing
Paternity/Maternity Legal Testing
(Trio or single parent)
Home Paternity Testing
(Not for legal use)
Additional Child or Alleged Father +$220
One Day Result
(after sample reaches laboratory)
Same Day Results
(after sample reaches laboratory)
Prenatal Paternity Testing
(Mother's and Father's blood)
Family Testing Pricing
Grandparent Testing
(including Mother)
Grandparent Testing
(without Mother)
Family Reconstructions
(including sibship, up to 5 individuals)
Twin Zygosity Testing $434
Forensic Testing Pricing
Criminal Relationship Testing See Above
Y-Chromosome Testing
(per sample)
(per sample)
DNA Typing of single
source forensic samples
DNA Typing of mixed
source forensic samples
DNA typing of urine samples
Blood Detections $400
Semen Detections $400

* All testing is performed at our laboratory in the US. Additional fees of postage will be added but not included in the above pricing. SGD $ 15 for Singapore Post service is about 1.5 weeks. SGD $65 for EMS service for 3 to 5 days, SGD $80 for FedEx Overnight Priority shipping for 1 day. An additional charge of $50 will be included for collection on Sundays / Public Holidays.